The coolest hoodie you’ll ever wear.

As we get closer to the Holiday, everyone’s shopping for that perfect gift. But what do you get for the stylish geek in your life? NO MORE FUNCO POPS, that’s for sure. I’ve got something that you might end up stealing for yourself this year.

Check out Bibisama a company that describes itself as selling “Modern Anime Streetwear and Clothing.” In my book, they are the perfect means of pairing style and the geek IP you love without shouting, “Ka-me-ha-me-HA!!!”. This is stuff I wear out and even to the office on occasion, and still feels authentic to my inner fashionista.

There are hoodies, jackets, tees and even button-down shirts to choose from. Here I am rocking the Astroboy series along with my boys. Its got a silky orange lining with the hero himself subtly present, some sick artwork on the back that grabs the attention of all who long to defeat a giant robot head, and it doesn’t skimp on the details. My black version is a lightweight jacket, but the white one has some heft. It also has physical sewen patches on the sleeves and lots of snaps, unnecessary zippers, and all the things I love. You can tell someone spent some time making this to last.

Lots of detail
Authentic style
Well made

Long ship times
Sizes run unexpectedly large

While I love this jacket, there are some things to note. The sizes are tough to choose from as they run larger than you think on some styles. For my ladies, it’s the sort of thing that’s meant to have that “boyfriend clothing” feel and it achieves that.

Stop by and see what strikes your fancy HERE.